We offer a broad range of top-quality training programmes and interventions which can be tailored to suit your business needs

International leadership development

We believe that to make the programme impact effective and sustainable, the programme concept has to be grounded in the overall business strategy with evaluation methods established as part of the overall design from the beginning.  

We do not believe in "off-the-shelf" solutions: the programme has to be tailored to your organisational culture, with clearly defined goals and outcomes around which the content is then determined, co-created and delivered. An international leadership development programme needs to be just that - international. This means developed and delivered by an experienced international trainer team, in an international context and with relevant content. 

Target Groups

Our primary focus is on developing leaders and managers within organisations. We design and deliver training programmes for all levels of business from junior high potentials to senior executives. 

The training aims to support their development as effective leaders within the organisational context. 

In designing a programme, it is essential to take into account the strategic role of the nominees, as well as the span of their leadership responsibility.  It is also important that the trainer team matches their level of experience and is able to role model the desired behaviours that is expected of the leaders themselves. 


We deliver top quality international leadership training. One of the points that differentiates us is our style: it is a high-energy, interactive, fun and informal approach which is grounded in solid academic research.. 

We believe in working with the group, to address their particular issues and the context within which they are working. We do not stick slavishly to a Powerpoint deck, preferring instead to work within an agreed given framework, matching the participants' issues and challenges to the themes, thereby linking theory to practice.


We have an open approach to leadership themes, preferring to work with models and approaches that we know work rather than the latest fad. Using our experience, we are open to challenge, discuss and find the approach that best fits your target group. 

Depending on the overall goals and outcomes that are defined, we will work with you to identify the core leadership themes that will have the greatest impact on the target group. Recent themes we have delivered include managing energy and stress, resilience, transformational leadership, working with strengths and leader as coach. We can naturally offer many more. 

Training Approach

Our training approach is based on our extensive experience of working with multicultural, international groups. We understand the need to cross language and cultural boundaries within the training room and we always aim to encourage the highest level of   interaction and balanced participation. Our trainers aim to role model the desired behaviours defined and yet be challenging and reflective with the group. 

Blended Learning

We are always looking for new approaches to learning and development. For us blended learning means just that: finding the right blend between using traditional flip charts on the one hand and integrating on-line and mobile learning on the other. We are pragmatic in our approach and have extensive experience in many aspects of learning, and can tailor our approach to match your requirements. 


Evaluation is often carried out as an afterthought, at most with a feedback form at the end of a programme. 

We recommend planning the evaluation methodology into the programme from the start of the design phase. This helps check the efficacy of the training as well as ensure that HR is in a position to proactively position the programme to its internal partners.