Culture eats strategy for breakfast     

attributed to Peter Drucker.

We have all tried to implement a strategic plan, change a process or put a policy into practice, only to find that someone either refuses to change the way they do things, or comes up with a creative "workaround" instead. At IBC, we believe we can work with you and your business culture to develop practical solutions to effectively lead and manage culture change. We are a tightly-knit boutique international HR consulting team based in Munich, with a global reach and a special focus on the DACH region and Asia. We have a clear focus is on strategic international leadership development. At IBC, we work with leaders to make your culture work for you. 


As IBC, we pride ourselves on our long experience in working in the field of international leadership development.  We have worked in many different branches and industries, from automotive to reinsurance, and are able to quickly connect to your business and speak your "language". The broader team works together as a team - we know each other well, work together closely and meet regularly to share, develop our team strengths and ensure quality for our clients. 

Many of us have worked within corporate HR functions so we understand the challenges that HR often faces in developing and implementing new learning and development initiatives.

We enjoy learning about your business so that we can develop a tailor-made learning intervention that suits the needs of your business. Together, we can develop a unique intervention that will support the development of your organisation's culture.


We believe that being "international" is as much of a mindset as a set of behaviours. For us, it is about transforming behaviour, not just about learning some "do's and don'ts" - it needs to be experienced and reflected upon.  

Our key team members have all lived, work and led in international environments for many years - or are still doing so. 

We recognise that for many participants and coachees, it is still a challenge and a stretch, from working in a different language, to managing across time zones. We recognise this challenge and welcome the opportunity to support you in developing an effective international business culture. 


As IBC, one of our key strengths is the breadth and depth of our Asia experience. We are able to support your business development in this key growth region with our highly experienced team members, both in Europe as well as in the Asia region. 

Members of our team in Germany have extensive experience of living, working and leading in Japan and China. Our partners in China and throughout the Asia region are able to deliver leadership development interventions of the highest quality. Together we can support your business culture's success in Asia.


There are many different theoretical approaches to leadership. And none of these are better than hands-on personal experience of leading and managing teams.

Our approach to leadership development is a systemic one, based on taking the broader organisational context and the basic belief that a key leadership role is that of culture creator and developer.

We believe that collaboration is the best form of leadership and enjoy co-creating with you to make sure that any intervention designed will help develop your leadership culture.