Core Team

Andrew MacKichan
UK & Germany

A Scotsman of pragmatic wisdom who after many years of living and working in Japan and Germany brings the quality of reserved reflection to the Coaching setting.

Bringing his extensive organisational development and change management experience to bear, Andrew balances a strategic approach with a hands-on focus on results. 

Gustav Gary Seehusen
Australia & Germany

Training and coaching internationally has been in Gustav's blood for years. Since leaving his native Australia, he has worked and lived all over the globe - yet seems to boomerang back to his roots in Germany.

His strength is in challenging and working with participants to see differently and thereby transform their own behaviour.

Michael Stanislawski

Michael is a true Bavarian, who uses a beguiling mixture of humor, curiosity and questioning to get to the truth of the matter.

A highly-experienced coach and teacher, he particularly enjoys driving change through provoking his participants into new ways of thinking.

Susan MacKichan
UK & Germany

Originally from Scotland, Susan has lived and worked in outside her homeland for over 25 years in Spain, Japan and Germany. 

A passionate and energetic coach and trainer, she always manages to find the balance between getting a serious learning message across with a sense of fun.