The focus of our consulting practice is on strategic international leadership development

Leadership Academy

A leadership academy helps ensure that your organisation has the leadership pipeline it needs to achieve its long-term strategic goals.

Through our experience of leading corporate human resource teams, we offer broad and extensive concepts, ideas and advice on designing and building an effective in-house leadership academy.

We have worked with DAX and Mid-cap Mittelstand companies to structure and implement leadership development frameworks, from initial nomination to final programme evaluation.

Values Based Leadership

One of the challenges of globalisation is creating a common sense of leadership in an organisation. This is best achieved through having a set of meaningful values to support the business leaders.  

We have a unique values definition and implementation process that has been tried and tested in a number of leading international organisations. Our aim is to create with you a set of leadership values that are anchored in your reality yet support the aspirations and goals of your strategy.

If your Values statement is posted on the wall somewhere or hiding in the intranet, then we can work with you to change this and bring values-based leadership to life in your organisation. 

Leadership in Asia 

One of our key team strengths is our extensive experience of living, leading and working in Asia. 

We can support your business growth by working with you on defining, designing and implementing leadership development interventions that will strengthen your market strategy in this key region. Together with our colleagues in Asia, we offer a full-range HR development consulting, and are able to advise on how to successfully identify, develop and retain leadership talent. And we can do this in English, German, Japanese and Mandarin. 

Assessment/ Development

One of the challenges of international growth is also to identify top international talent. How do you know who your top potential talent are in your key markets?

We have designed and co-created Assessment Centres and Development Centres for global clients.

These instruments are effective tools to evaluate, validate, develop and motivate top talent in your organisation. 

Change Management

One of the key issues of dealing with change is how to prepare, manage and develop leaders to take a proactive approach to change. This fits closely with  the role of the leader as culture change manager. 

Change management is also a central part of strategic international business  growth. We take a broad, systemic approach to change management and can work with you to define possible change interventions that will support your business strategy and leadership development activities to ensure that the change is effectively led. 


The internationalisation of HR processes and practices is not a strategy: it is a driver to achieve your strategy.

Too often, as sales and marketing or production push ahead with new international products and offerings, the HR team is left behind, running to catch up. Through our experience of designing and establishing international HR policies, processes and programmes, we can support the achievement of strategic goals as well as the internationalisation of both the organisation and HR itself.