Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching individuals and teams to support their development is a core part of our business. We particularly enjoy the long-term development that Coaching and Mentoring offers. 

Individual Coaching

All of our key team members are certified coaches from recognised and accredited institutions. We generally advocate the systemic approach to coaching, which means that we believe that the individual is located within an overall system which also needs to be addressed if change is to stick. 
We are enthusiastic about coaching and work with executives, leaders and managers from many different branches. 

Our strength is working with leaders who are challenged by leading and working in an international context. 

Team Coaching

Coaching the team means going beyond a one-off team workshop. We take a systemic team coaching approach, addressing the team issues within the overall context.

We use a broad range of interventions, tools, techniques and methodologies to clarify the team's commission or purpose, its connections with stakeholders, internal processes and work to co-create the team atmosphere. 

A key element of our approach is to foster and stimulate team learning and reflection. 

Cross-cultural Coaching

Working with both individuals, families and teams, we aim to strengthen the mutual awareness and understanding for the "other".

For expatriates: We believe coaching can play a key role in supporting an effective start.     Similarly, we offer repatriation coaching for returnees. 

For teams: We have an established process, C2OACH for bringing elements of international teams together to achieve mutual understanding, accountability and common sense of purpose and direction. 

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes 

Coaching Coaches

IBC grew out of the idea of running an international coaching programme for experienced coaches in the DACH region.  We are all experienced coaches and trainers of other coaches so our intention is to continue this development process. 

We are planning to run the international Coaching Qualification in 2016. We enjoy sharing our ideas, developing others and working to broaden networks. 

If you are interested, please contact us directly. 


We have developed and implemented mentoring programmes for international organisations. 

Mentoring is an effective and motivating way of developing key staff, both in transferring knowledge and giving senior executives the chance to strengthen their coaching skills and building a culture of coaching within organisations.  

Implementing a mentoring programme takes time, planning as well as training of mentors and mentees, followed by regular evaluation and follow-up. 

Coaching Consulting 

As part of the development of a coaching culture or the establishment of a Leadership Academy, we can coach you on how to best establish coaching within your organisation. 

We work with the HR team and senior management to define the goals of the coaching process and then identify, select and prepare coaches to work with you. 

We also have the experience of running internal coaching programmes to develop internal leadership coaching capabilities.