Case studies

Examples from our IBC experience

Here are some recent practical examples of leadership development interventions we have designed, developed and implemented for our clients. For further details or references, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 


For the growing subsidiary of a multinational client in the automotive branch in China, we designed and developed a Mentoring Programme.

The Client's Intention: To support the development of a new leadership culture based around coaching and empowerment and strengthen the long-term leadership pipeline. 

The challenge: Design a straightforward Mentoring Programme that will bind both leaders and high potential associates in a clearly defined process. 

What we did: We co-designed a Mentoring Programme that provided a framework for both Mentors and Mentees. Starting with training for HR to facilitate the matching process, we developed and delivered training for Mentors and Mentees and created a Workbook that supported all involved during the life of the project. Having launched the programme, we are now actively evaluating its success. 


For a fast-growing German-Chinese Joint Venture we developed and implemented a series of values-based leadership programmes. 

The Client's intention:  Establish a new set of core leadership values to give leadership orientation to all leaders, staff and potential team members. 

The challenge: Design and implement a process to define, develop and roll-out leadership values that will prove sustainable and support the implementation of the business strategy. 

What we did: We worked closely with the Board, HR and a selected group of representatives from across the business to plan the roll-out of the values. An initial series of interactive programmes to the top 200 managers was run in two major locations by a mixed European-Chinese team. This was then followed-up with on-going team coaching days, based around the values for leadership teams at all levels. 

Talent Leadership Programme

For a multinational automobile OEM, we created a talent development programme involving training and individual coaching. This was launched in Japan and Korea and has subsequently been delivered globally.  

The Client's intention: Accelerate the leadership skills of identified high potential managers. 

The challenge: To design and implement a programme that could function in different Asian (and other) cultures that would also have coaching as a central element. 

What we did: We worked closely with central HR and the local HR colleagues to identify the themes that should form the core of the training modules as well as the personality profile instruments that would fit. We also integrated discussions with senior leadership into the programme. Each participant attended two training modules supported by a number of individual coaching sessions, delivered face-to-face and virtually. 

Team Coaching

For a the German subsidiary of a Scandinavian automotive supplier, we ran a series of team coachings to support the leadership team. 

The Client's intention: To clarify the German team's purpose, roles and responsibilities and strengthen their approach.

The challenge: Win the trust of the Executives and senior team members to address their internal team issues in an open and constructive manner. 

What we did: We ran a series of leadership workshops, team and individual coachings, with a mixture of a bottom-up (team leaders) and top-down (Executive Vice Presidents) approach. The team coaching succeeded in achieving the goals of strengthening the overall organisation and its sales approach in central Europe. 

Leadership Academy

For a leading mid-cap (Mittelstand) financial services provider, we designed, developed and implemented a leadership academy. 

The Client's intention:  To establish an internal leadership academy to develop a common understanding of leadership at all levels in the organisation.  

The challenge:  Design a suite of leadership programmes and interventions that matched the differentiated requirements of each hierarchical level yet had a consistent approach and style. 

What we did: We consulted closely with HR and representatives from each level to identify structure, content, goals and outcomes. Programmes have been designed and launched for each key level in both English and German. 

Development Centre

For a top German financial services multinational, we designed a Development Centre for high potentials. 

The Client's intention: To increase the international mobility of key high potentials, give them visibility and develop their leadership skills. 

The challenge: Design a Development Centre which would test the candidates global leadership capabilities and highlight developmental actions for each.

What we did: We worked closely with HR to design the DC based on the corporate values and developed a number of activities aligned with typical organisational challenges. The DC was implemented with Senior Executives present to give feedback and based within a leadership development programme.